At COWA the meetings in March, June, September, and December are dedicated to the member’s Instant Gallery-Show & Tell instead of every month. When we held this activity every month the time was limited for the featured demonstrations. A large majority of our members wanted to show their work, with many bringing in several pieces. By dedicating the entire meetings the member’s Instant Gallery-Show & Tell including the bring back program members are able to spend the time to show and talk about each piece. We encourage every member to participate; it helps develop camaraderie, particularly with newer members who were reluctant before. After each piece is shown and talked about the pieces are photographed and posted here on our gallery pages for others to enjoy. Click on the date below and it will take you to the photo gallery.

Our Sister Club has a Gallery located here.

Our Bring Back Program is also a little different than in most clubs. Instead of having only one or two items to raffle, we have upward of 20 pieces. A few years ago we used the one or two item format, but it seemed that people would forget to bring a piece back. We placed a challenge to the members to dedicate a piece for the bring back. Many pieces were donated which now gives more opportunity for members to win a piece. Now that we have a large number of pieces to raffle we have not noticed any drop off to the number of turnings. The rules are simple, if you win a piece you are to bring one back for the next Bring Back Program. We ask that it not be a cast off, but one that would be of a quality up to the turners ability and one they would be proud to own. The new format has been a great success for COWA.


Items listed on this web site are not for sale through COWA.

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