Mentoring Program

COWA Mentoring Program

Today, COWA has had a growing membership that approaches 120 members by year end as more people join the club throughout the year.  However, at the start of the year when dues are up for renewal, membership drops to about 95 people.  This information is telling us that COWA is doing a better job at recruiting new people, not retaining members.

Therefore, COWA is taking the initiative of implementing a more formal Mentoring Program.  As new members pay their dues, their names and locations will be passed on to the head of the Mentoring Program so they can introduce the new member to the Mentor in their area.  The Mentor becomes a single point of contact for the new member if they have any questions at all about the club or woodturning.  However, Mentors are not just for new members.  They are there for anyone in the club to contact with questions and support.

By implementing this program, COWA is accomplishing a few very important things:

  1. Provide new members with a point of contact to ask questions to immediately so they don’t have to wait for the next monthly meeting.
  2. Gets current club members more involved or active within the club.
  3. Instills in ALL members that they are valued by COWA and not just another nameless face in the club.

Some of the things that our Mentors will provide to ANY member are:

  • Offer to meet members in their shops or to invite them into their own shop to discuss woodturning.
  • Take a proactive approach to provide information and answer questions they have regarding woodturning and other programs within the club.
  • Explain that woodturning is fun and the camaraderie that the club members have developed.
  • Offer advice on tool and wood selection as needed.
  • Let everyone know that everyone in the club all started as a new turner at one time or another.
  • Inform members of all the programs that are offered through the club and encourage them to participate in them.  If nothing else, come to them just watch and learn or help in any way that they feel comfortable with.
  • Be there to provide support.
  • Most of all, woodturning is supposed to be fun and enjoyable.