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Brief History
In the mid 1980's Paxton's Woodcrafters store had a woodworking association which met on a monthly basis for their hobby patrons. While attending these meeting and visiting with other members it became apparent that a small number of people were interested in turning and desired advice as well as hands on instructions. Additional discussions and investigation pointed to Alan Lacer as one of the more knowledgeable turners in the area who was conducting a basis turning class at the Moore-Norman Vocational-Technology school.

At the time Alan's class had eight students, six from the Okla. City/Norman area, one from Beaver, OK and one from Kansas. With guidance from the recently formed American Association of Woodturners (AAW) and Alan the small group started meeting at various member's shop on a regular basis. Their activities not only included turning but they started working to establish a turning club. They begin by electing the following officers; Alan Lacer - Pres., Bill Hull - Vice Pres., Robert Knox - Treasurer, Bill Porterfield - Secretary, and Bob Jarrett - Editor. Officers were to serve a term of three (3) years, commencing July 1, 1987. The new club drafted and adopted Bylaws in hopes of becoming a local chapter of the (AAW) which happened in June 1988. In 1989 the club applied for and became a Not-for-Profit Corporation within the State of Oklahoma.

Today COWA membership is around 100 with about 45-60 members showing up at each meeting. Charter members who continue to be active are Bob Jarrett, Bill Porterfield and Larry Slief. Membership in the COWA is open to anyone with an interest in turning wood as an art, craft, collector, or hobby. Individual / family dues are currently $24.00 per year. The COWA recognizes four categories of members:
General Members
General Members hold membership in both COWA and the AAW. General Members may hold office, conduct demonstrations, and participate in hands-on workshop activities.
Associate Members

Associate Members are members of COWA but not of AAW. Associate Members cannot hold office or conduct demonstrations.

Student Members

Student Members are those members who are under the age of eighteen. Student Members must be accompanied to COWA meetings and activities by a parent or guardian. Student Members may not make motions, vote, or hold office.

Honorary Members

Honorary (Life) Members are general or associate members who have served in an outstanding manner over several years. Honorary members have voting privileges; those who wish to hold office or give demonstrations must be members of AAW. To be granted honorary membership members who have served in an outstanding manner over several years may be granted Honorary Membership through nomination by the Board of Directors and election by the COWA membership. Current members holding honorary status are Bob Jerrett, Bill Porterfield, Larry Slief, Wayne Furr, Bruce Smith and Bill Johnson.

On becoming a member of COWA applicants are encouraged but not required to become a member of the AAW. Members are requested to send their AAW dues directly to the AAW: membership applications will be made available. Membership in both organizations runs from January 1 of any given year through December 31 of that same year. If you need additional information check with one of the officers listed below.

Mission Statement
The mission of the Central Oklahoma Woodturners Association is to advances the mission of the American Association of Woodturners by providing education, information, and organization to anyone with an interest in turning wood.
Three primary purposes are:
     1.  to provide organization
     2.  to promote the craft and art of woodturning locally, nationally, and internationally
     3.  to provide instruction to high school students
These purposes are accomplished by conducting public and private demonstrations to stimulate the understanding of woodturning. Further, COWA provides training and instructions to mid high and high school students and provides consulting, training, technical assistance, publications, and video tapes to members.

In the past COWA used an AAW scholarship grant to send one of its members to Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts for a wood turning class. In 2007 COWA was approved for an AAW educational opportunity grant which went to the support of the Mustang Mid High School wood turning program. In 2008 the club received an educational opportunity grant to upgrade the club audio/video equipment in an effort to provide more educational sources to the members.

Annual chapter events include demonstrations at the State Fair, the Folk Festival at Beavers Bend State Park, Mustang Mid High School. The club is currently working on providing two to four days of instructions at the Metro Technology Center where the club holds its meeting. Another highlight is club members participates in the beginning wood turning classes at Broken Bow High School.

In 2004 the Central Oklahoma Woodturners Association became one of the supporting clubs of the SouthWest Association of Woodturners. Each year COWA sponsores a demonstration room at the annual symposium.


Officers for 2009-2010
The general management of the Central Oklahoma Woodturners Association is carry out by the Board of Directors.

President:  Jim Clow
Telephone:  405-293-9388
E-mail:  [email protected]
Vice-President: Wayne Furr
Telephone:  405-364-7278
E-mail:  [email protected]
Secretary:  Dick Nowlin Treasurer:  Phil Hoar
Past President:  Bill Johnson Board Member At Large:  Bob Weaver
Board Member At Large: Dale Jones  

COWA meetings start at 6:30 P.M. on the second Tuesday of each month at the Metro Technology Center, 4901 South Bryant Avenue, Oklahoma City. Meetings are dedicated to woodturning demonstrations and hands-on activities. In addition to demonstrations at regular meetings COWA sponsors workshops conducted by International, National, and Regional �master turners� to introduce new ideas and techniques. Each year COWA demonstrates woodturning at schools, town/city festivals, and fairs. Another benefit to members is the club sanctioned wood turning classes for members at a nominal fee.

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